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History of OCSD Outfall Diversions


The Orange County Sanitation District (OCSD) routinely reduces flow through and shuts down the 120-inch outfall in order to perform necessary maintenance and repairs and to facilitate construction projects. Avoiding discharges through the 78-inch outfall and/or use of the emergency overflow weirs to the Santa Ana River are key objectives of all projects and OCSD develops detailed contingency plans for each one. As a part of its contingency planning for projects that might affect the use of the 120-inch ocean outfall, OCSD requested data and product support from SCCOOS. SCCOOS has developed a set of products to support both routine ocean outfall operations and in the advent of any unplanned or planned discharges to OCSD's 78-inch ocean outfall or to the Santa Ana River. This information can be used by OCSD operations and environmental monitoring staff, regulators and the public in the advent of any planned or emergency discharge from the OCSD 78-inch ocean outfall or to the Santa Ana River.

Geography of the OCSD Diversion
OCSD Basemap


May 7, 2008

OCSD is scheduled to make infrastructure repairs during a planned 120-inch outfall reduced flow condition. The repair has been scheduled to take advantage of low plant flow and low tide conditions. The repair time will be limited to a relative short duration of 3 hours. Repair work will be carefully planned and sequenced in order to complete the repair tasks within the short shutdown window and it is not anticipated that the 120-inch outfall will need to be shut down. Contingency measures have been developed and will be implemented if needed. If additional time is required, OCSD can shutdown the outfall and store flow in the empty tanks and will take other appropriate measures to minimize the possibility of a spill or alternate discharge to Santa Ana River or the 78-inch ocean outfall.

May 18, 2007

OCSD is scheduled to make infrastructure repairs. Repairs will occur in the early morning during low flows and OCSD will divert and store incoming and treated wastewater within the delivery and treatment systems during the repair. However if delays occur, there is the possibility of having to discharge from an emergency outfall located about 1 mile off the coast of Newport Beach. The operation is scheduled to begin at 4 a.m. May 18, 2007, and is expected to be completed before the peak flow period which occurs in the late morning. STATUS: Project cancelled and to be rescheduled.