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Stormwater Plume Tracking

Hyperion Outfall

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Hourly Steps

An animated gif has been created as an alternative to this animation sequence.

Particle Tracking Plot
Particle Tracking Plot, Zoomed
Contour Plot by concentration and coastal distance

This display shows the results of a lagrangrian particle tracking algorithm applied to hourly surface currents. The plot indicates the tracking of surface waters from the Hyperion One-Mile Outfall. On an hourly basis, 100 particles are released at the outfall location and tracked for a 3 day period to provide an estimate of the spatial extent of the diversion discharge. New positions within the region are updated hourly and the color of the particle represents the age of the particle since it was released.

These computations and graphical displays are experimental and must be used with caution. While considerable effort has gone into ensuring the highest quality data, significant differences between measured currents and actual currents can occur. This information should not be used to make any navigational or other decisions that might endanger public safety or put anyone at significant risk. We reserve the right to ADD, CHANGE or DELETE any product WITHOUT PRIOR NOTICE.