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Airborne Ocean Science Conference
May 24-25, 2006
Moss Landing Marine Laboratories
Moss Landing, CA

The UNOLS Scientific Committee for Oceanographic Aircraft Research (SCOAR) is hosting a one-day conference on the use of airborne platforms in oceanographic and marine meteorological research. The conference will bring together scientists, students, engineers and program personnel who are involved in the use of aircraft and other aerial platforms for observations of the oceanic and marine atmospheric environment. The overall goal of this meeting is to promote the use of aircraft in marine research, and specific objectives include: increase communication among aircraft users and operators; familiarize attendees with various sensors, platforms and techniques used by the research aircraft community; provide input to SCOAR and UNOLS on future uses and needs for aerial facilities for ocean science.

We invite you to attend this conference, which will be held at the Moss Landing Marine Laboratories on Wednesday evening May 24 and Thursday May 25, 2006. If you would like to attend, please let us know by return email. If you are interested in making a presentation on your aircraft research program, please let us know that also, and send us a tentative title. A detailed meeting agenda, formal registration information, and information on area hotels will be sent soon. If you would like to learn more about recent SCOAR activities, please see the attached article which appeared a few months ago in OCEANOGRAPHY. If you have a colleague who you think would be interested in this conference, please feel free to forward this message to him or her. Do not hesitate to contact either of us at the email addresses below with any questions you might have.

Hope to see you in May!

John Bane

Mike Prince
UNOLS Executive Secretary