Certification has allowed SCCOOS (a non-federal ocean observing organization) to meet the federal standards for gathering data and managing those data.  
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Icon Certification Application (246.0 KB)

Appendix A - Organizational Structure

Icon A1. SCCOOS Bylaws (346.1 KB)

Icon A2. SCCOOS Memorandum of Understanding (MOU) with original 11 signatories (184.2 KB)

Icon A3. Award Letter - NOAA Proposal 2016-2021 (1.0 MB)

Icon A4. UC San Diego Sponsored Project Cost Accounting Standards (442.0 KB)

Icon A5. UC San Diego Audit Reports (215.4 KB)

Icon A6. UC San Diego Campus Audit Reports (247.7 KB)

Icon A7. UC San Diego Audit Policy Procedure Manual (525.8 KB)

Icon A8. UC San Diego Workers' Compensation (17.4 KB)

Icon A9. UC San Diego Computer and Network Security Liability (110.1 KB)

Icon A10. UC San Diego Automatic Insurance Coverages (321.0 KB)

Icon A11. Operational Plan (243.9 KB)

Icon A12. Strategic Operational Plan (15.3 MB)

Icon A13. Expression of Interest Request Letter (179.3 KB)

Appendix B - Membership Policy

Icon B1. SCCOOS and CeNCOOS Memorandum of Understanding (1.1 MB)

Icon B2. Memorandum of Understanding - West Coast Alliances (413.5 KB)

Icon B3. Memorandum of Understanding - West Coast Governors Alliances (116.2 KB)

Appendix C - Strategic Operational Plan

Icon Appendix C Zip File (15.6 MB)

Appendix D - Gaps Identification

Icon D1. SCCOOS Gaps Plan 2016-2021 (382.8 KB)

Appenidx E - Financial Oversight

Icon E1. UC San Diego Cooperative Agreement 2011-2016 (1019.2 KB)

Icon E2. UC San Diego Cooperative Agreement 2015 (510.3 KB)

Icon E3. SCCOOS Budget Descope Letter FY 16 (220.7 KB)

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