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Manual Shore Stations

Latitude:41° 45.00’ N
Longitude:124° 12.00’ W
January 1955 to December 1994
Measurements Taken
Crescent City Shore Station

This tide gauge station is located on the end of the Coast Guard Pier in Crescent City harbor. Temperatures at this site inside the harbor and the water on the beach outside the small entrance formed by two breakwaters, are nearly the same. The new automated temperature system, which records one reading each hour, became fully operational in September of 1993 and manual data collection was discontinued more than a year later. To be comparative with the other shore stations providing a single daily reading, these hourly values were averaged over the 24-hour period into one daily mean temperature. Analysis of the overlapping data shows that this value can be nearly 1C cooler than the historical data set.

Salinity plot for Crescent City Shore Station
Temperature plot for Crescent City Shore Station
Please note: data is no longer being manually collected at this location.
Special thanks to the SIO Manual Shore Stations program for providing data and information about these studies. For further information, please visit the SIO Manual Shore Stations website at

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