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What is an Ocean Observing System?
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weather-water-imageSCCOOS has worked collaboratively with the Ocean Institute in Dana Point to develop a comprehensive program designed to increase standardized test scores and model best practices for science instruction. The 9-week Weather and Water 5th Grade Program addresses the California earth science content standards for “Weather” and “Earth’s Water.” (click here)


SCCOOS Website training documents for teachers. Created for teachers by the Ocean Institute. (click here)



The Ocean Institute’s Weather & Water 5th Grade Program was developed in 2005 and implemented in over 100 classes in 16 school districts across Orange County during the 2005-2006 and 2006-2007 school years. The Weather & Water Train-the-Trainer Program has been designed to allow for organized, efficient, and cost-effective dissemination of the Weather & Water curriculum throughout California. (click here)


You can use real-time observations from the SCCOOS sensory network to help your students better understand required weather concepts. To access either the ‘Ocean’s Influence on Weather’ or ‘Air Pressure and Elevation’ activities, download the student worksheet (click here) and lesson plan (click here) and go to the student-friendly Web page. (click here)

The Forces of Nature Web site (click here) offers interactive activities using historical weather data. Three activities explore the origin of sea breezes, how temperature ranges vary with distance to the coast, and forecasting a hurricane track using satellite images.