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Management and Operations: Regional Consortium
Southern California’s marine research community, recognized world wide for its the expertise, effectiveness, and proven track record in ocean observations, is uniquely qualified to operate, implement and sustain a long term observing program along California’s coastline in the Southern California Bight.
The Regional Consortium is a collaborative network of Southern California’s leading institutions and laboratories which are conducting tens of millions of dollars of research essential to supporting several coastal resource management initiatives with a focus on improving water quality, supporting fisheries management, protecting marine life, and predicting and mitigating coastal hazards.

Product Generation and Services: Data Provider User Groups
Due to the state’s pro-active/stakeholder driven environmental policy initiatives, California has a well-developed network of issue-oriented interest groups and interagency partnerships. The Data Provider/User Working Groups, developed and managed through the regional consortium, are designed to formally engage these existing recognized bodies of regional associations such as the Southern California Wetlands Recovery Project, California Shore and Beach Preservation Association, Southern California Coastal Water Research Project, the California Coastal Coalition, and other agency end-users in the development of products, services, and partnering opportunities.

Official Guidance: Policy Driven Research Needs and Performance Review Agency Advisory Board
In addition to the development of end-user products and services, it is essential that the infrastructure and activities provided by the consortium members are relevant to the broader goals of both state initiatives (e.g., The Marine Life Projection Act (MPA’s), California’s Ocean Plan, California’s Sand and Sediment Master Plan, The Clean Beaches Initiative and the California Coastal Non-point Source Pollution Control Program, the Wetland Recovery Project Master Plan, etc.), as well as national initiatives (e.g., IOOS, the NSF Ocean Research Interactive Ocean Network (ORION), and the Oceans & Human Health Initiative within NSF and NIH).