CeNCOOS and SCCOOS Host a Marine Symposium at CalPoly

July 2014

On July 1 CeNCOOS and SCCOOS hosted a Marine Symposium entitled, "Ocean Observations along California's Central Coast in a Changing Climate". Even with an event so close to the 4th of July holiday, a broad audience of the marine and coastal stakeholder community was in attendance and actively engaged our panels in discussions regarding ocean observations and their practical applications.

There were three moderated panel discussions and a reception on the Cal Poly Pier.
Panel 1 - Tracking Change in the Marine and Coastal Environment Moderated by Raphael Kudela (UC, Santa Cruz)
Lesley Ewing (California Coastal Commission), Andrew DeVogelaere (Monterey Bay National Marine Sanctuary), Liz Whiteman (California Ocean Science Trust), and John Steinbeck (Tenara Environmental) answered questions raised about the importance of in-situ measurements, climate change effects on our shoreline, and possible investments to best understand and adapt to climate change.

Panel 2 - Federal and State Ocean Policy and Management with an introduction from Libe Washburn (UC,
Santa Barbara) and Moderated by Skyli McAfee (California Ocean Science Trust) Congresswoman Lois Capps (California's 24th District), Congressman Sam Farr (California's 20th District), and Deputy Secretary for Oceans and Coastal Matters Cat Kuhlman (California Resources Agency) answered questions about educating our leaders about the critical role ocean observations has on safety and economic impacts, integrating priorities and funding, and political tipping points that will demand more investments on ocean research.

Panel 3 - Informing Human uses of the Ocean Moderated by Dean Wendt (CalPoly)
Peter Hanson (Commercial Albacore Fisherman), Mark Jackson (National Weather Service-Oxnard, CA), Ray Fields (The Abalone Farm, Inc.), and Sam Blakeslee (CalPoly) addressed questions about ocean observing data as it applies to the myriad of ocean users, the affects of El Niño, future impacts of human uses of the ocean, and how the Ocean Observing community can be best aligned to address growth in industry. None of this would have been possible without the steadfast cooperation from the moderators, panelists, and CalPoly, especially Dean Wendt. He made the Symposium a ¿turn-key¿ event and the California OOSes are very grateful!

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