SCCOOSNewsFrntPgPic.pngJune 2017

In This Issue

1. May Activities

2. SCCOOS Participates in National Oil Spill Exercise, NPREP

3. Southern California Harmful Algal Bloom (HAB) Update

4. Hyperion Water Reclamation Plant Releases Their 2015 Outfall Diversion Report

5. Southern California Marine Protected Area Updates

6. Program Profile: Plume Tracking at the US/Mexico Border





Southern California Marine Protected Area Updates


SoCal MPA Watch  baseline highlights are:

  1. WILDCOAST manages MPA Watch
  2. MPA Watch uses volunteer partnerships that actively engage the public, including Junior volunteers (15 yrs. and older)
  3. There are 4 MPA Watch sites in San Diego (pictured above - click on the pic to view a larger image)
  • Tijuana River Mouth - State Marine Conservation Area
  • Cabrillo - State Marine Reserve
  • South La Jolla – State Marine Reserve
  • Matlahualy - State Marine Reserve (located in La Jolla coastal waters)

Scripps Oceanography's Instrument Develpoment Group has a New Website for thier Spray Gliders (Autonomous Underwater Vehicles or AUVs)


Gliders collect ocean observations (ocean temperatures, salinity - salt content of the ocean water, etc..) of the entire water column the entire time it is driving through the ocean. Gliders are another type of Ocean Observing asset that are out on (or in) the ocean. Like buoys, surveys collected from ships, or instruments strapped to piers - gliders collect similar types of ocean data. These data give us another way to look at how the ocean works, so experts can determine why (or how) it works the way it does.

Manuscript Solicitation

AGU Journal Special Collection titled, “Midlatitude Marine Heatwaves: Forcing and Impacts” are soliciting manuscripts. Being that this is a special collection, there is no deadline. You WILL need to indicate that your manuscript should be considered for the special collection when you submit. In addition, first issue of 2017 Geophysical Research Letters (AGU Journal) includes 2 papers for this special collection.






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