2016 JSAC

Scripps Instittion of Oceanography - Martin Johnson House (T29)
Tuesday, June 28, 2016 
Goals of the Meeting
1) Provide updates from your California Ocean Observing Systems - CeNCOOS and SCCOOS.
Receive updates, perspectives and guidance from our JSAC members that will scope out the group’s synergies, common strategies and advisory roles.
Notes and Action Items
Icon Minutes (714.8 KB)
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Participant List
Icon Meeting Attendees (55.5 KB)
Icon JSAC Agenda (514.3 KB)
IOOS Techonolgy Transisiton Project
Jenifer Rhoades, West Coast IOOS Regional Association Point of Contact
Icon Presentation (703.4 KB)
Transition to the New Administration and Federal, State and Regional Collaborations
Josie Quintrell, IOOS Association Executive Director
Icon Presentation (1.7 MB)

CeNCOOS Programmatic Updates
Dave Anderson, CeNCOOS Program Director
Icon Presentation (1.1 MB)

SCCOOS Programmatic Update
Julie Thomas, SCCOOS Executive Director
Icon Presentation (2.4 MB)

Statewide Ocean Observing Programmatic Update
Dan Rudnick - Gliders
Icon Presentation (801.1 KB)
Clarissa Anderson, SCCOOS Deputy Director  - Harmful Algal Blooms
Icon Presentation (2.4 MB)
Libe Washburn, SCCOOS Board of Directors Chair - High Frequeny Radar 
Icon Presentation (874.7 KB)
Aric Bickel, CeNCOOS Program Manager - Ocean Acidification and Hypoxia
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JSAC Member Updates
Icon Debbie Aseltine-Neilson, Dept. of Fish and Wildlife (693.1 KB)

Icon Warren Blier - NOAA National Weather Service (617.1 KB)

Icon Jeff Crooks - TIjuana River National Estuarine Research Reserve (1.4 MB)

Icon Linda Duguay - University of Southern California Sea Grant (521.5 KB)

Icon Jim Eckman - California Sea Grant (607.4 KB)

Icon Daniel Ellis - California Sea Grant Fellow for State Water Resource Control Board (609.7 KB)

Icon Tom Ford - Santa Monica Bay Restoration Commission (642.3 KB)

Icon Roberta Garcia - Naval Air Systems Command, Pt. Mugu CA (723.5 KB)

Icon Toby Garfield - NOAA Southwest Fisheries Science Center (1.1 MB)

Icon Edgar Pavia - Ensenada Center for Scientific Research and Higher Learning (CICESE) (771.5 KB)

Icon George Robertson - Orange County Sanitation District (607.5 KB)

Icon Heather Schlosser - US Army Corps of Engineers - Los Angeles District (728.9 KB)

Icon John Warrick - US Geological Survey (523.7 KB)

Icon Liz Whiteman - California Ocean Science Trust (581.2 KB)

Icon Suzan Zaleski - Bureau of Ocean Energy Management (433.2 KB)











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